olympos antalya

olympos antalya

Antalya Filo Rent A Car is one of the villages we serve with delight in Olympos tour. Whether you rent a car to a lot of our customers or transferred to Olimpos, we have served you. Where to stay in Olympos actually there are many options. Many of the motels and pensions from many tree houses are both inexpensive and sumptuous.

what you can do in olympos

Olympos and its surroundings have a lot of places to visit in the sightseeing and historical texture. As Filo Rent A Car, we are experiencing the great happiness of introducing this place by organizing a tour to many of our customers. The ruins of Olympos, the ancient ruin of the city, the watery island known as the hidden paradise, the mysterious fire that is known as the holy mountain of the gods, and even the mysterious fire that does not end, will tremble, but you should know that climbing Olympos is not that simple.

Olympus trip notes

As Filo Rent a Car, do not forget to go to Olympos. Do not have an ATM in Olympos. Do not go to big hotels yourself, elegant and luxurious dresses, heeled footsteps do not take place abest. All phone lines will attract you not so much :) In Olympos you can get a beach card to get entrance fee but you can get cheap.

As Filo Rent a Car we are ready to present all of these to you. We can make arrangements in different orgasizles for the region when requested. Being safe on the road with your wish

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