What kind of place is Kundu in Antalya

What kind of place is Kundu in Antalya,

One of the borders near Antalya city center is the Kundu site. As Filo Rent A Car located at Antalya Airport, it is a place where we serve the most. Lara Kundu known as a part of the Antalya municipality is a part of Antalya is connected to Aksu. It is known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in recent years. The most important features of the hotel is that it is possible to find hotels such as Topkapi Palace, Titanic, Concorde which will give you a few names.

Antalya Airport and Kundu How Many Miles,

The proximity of the Kundu area to the city center is due to the close proximity of the Antalya Airport, which is located in the Filo Rent A Car.Antalya Airport and Kundu The answer to the question of how many kilometers Kilometer is actually a very funny figure is about 10 km. However, this may vary depending on the route of the hotel. Because Kundu is a large town with long beaches. Actually, I intend to call the district not the town.

Antalya Kundu Places to Visit,

There are not many historical places in Antalya Kundu Region because of the coastline only, but with the proximity to Antalya, tourists can easily come and go with a single municipal bus. As Antalya Fleet Rent A Car, many of our guests have touched on the transfer help. Thanks to this transfer, we were able to introduce our guests many places that I could not count like Yivli Minaret, Toy Museum, Karatay Museum, Düden Waterfall start and end zones, Kurşunlu şalalesi.

Antalya Kundu Rent A Car,

We are happy to be ready to serve for both Kundu and other dwellings in both rental and transfer as Fleet Rental.

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