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The BARBOSSA CRUISE ship departing from Setur Marin at 09:30 hours departs from the Konyaaltı coastline and the historical Kaleiçi comes to the front, where information on Antalya and its history is conveyed to passengers.

* BARBOSSA CRUISE, which continues from the shore band Lara Falez before 11:30 pm, DÜDEN PARK Karpuzkaldıran is standing in front of the waterfall in the bay and taking pictures. An anchor is thrown close to the shore in Karpuzkaldıran bay and passengers are given a 1 hour swimming mall.

* During the break, the open buffet lunch starts to be set up. After the swimming break is over, the catering service is opened and at 12:30 pm, the ritual starts again towards the direction of Racan Island. After the catering service, the Animation Team begins adult-oriented animation games, and after many animations, the entertainment continues until the island accompanied by the Disco music with the Party of Dogs. Barbossa Cruise, which arrives at the beach at 14:00, is again a 1-hour swim stop.

* The passengers floating around the island take their showers and then change them on the ship, and the ship, which moves at 15:00, returns to Setur Marina at 15:30 and finishes the tour.

* To sum up you will have a wonderful day in BARBOSSA.



* Perge Pansiyon;is place within the boundaries of Canyonlands National Park.Perge has fireplace in the stone houses, bungalows, natural pool (Köprülü Canyon) and friendly staff which serves more than 10 years.

* Köprülü Canyon Historic stone bridge, and the wonderful landscape of the ancient city of Selge… Green and blue combined with an extraordinary atmosphere of Köprülü Canyon, by receiving guests from all over the world meet a nice way.

* Your room and gazebo’s located right in front of the Köprülü Canyon’s natural pool… You can start the day day with a nice breakfast, you can swim swim and go fishing, enjoy the experience the beauty of the Köprülü Canyon


* Bath & WC & Hot Water

* Air Condition

* Internet (Wi-Fi)

* Firehouse (Stonehouse)


Able to swim in the river of Köprülü Kanyon which turned into a natural pool.,

* Able to fishing,

* Guided Rafting, trekking, canyoning, camping,

* An exciting jeep safari,

* Hiking,

* Anciquecity trips and nature photography



* You can join the rafting tour everyday of the week.

* Picking up time from the hotel can change according the area.

* When you arrive the meeting point firstly you will get equipment and information for

* You can join the rafting tour in 2 ways.One of them on big rafts with 10 people or on small kayaks for two people.

* The tour is approximately 14 km and with animations and games it last 4 hours.

* In the middle of the tour you will stop for lunch about 25 minutes and after that you will go on the rafting again after lunch.

* Transfer,rafting and open buffet lunch including the price.Other things for example foto,dvd.rafting shoes and drinks are extra.

* For that reason while coming to rafting if you bring some money that will be better for you. But if you don't bring it you can pay it at hotel.

* When the rafting finish you and your clothes will be wet so you should bring extra dry clothes for it.



* Activity area is in the rafting center.You can join activity whenever you want.The professional team will help you until you finish it.

* There is no dangerous situation if you obey the rules of the activity and listen the crew.

*You will walk between the trees and be 7 meters up from the gorund for that reason the most important thing is security.

* The adventure park is between the trees and there will be a smal river under you. Shortly you will have a great time in nature.

* İf you have child you and professional crew can assist them to join the some activity.There is also a small adventure park for them.



* You do not have to choose between exploring a magnificent piece of nature with a jeep safari or experiencing the excitement of rafting in an incredibly beautiful canyon.
* In the same day, you can see the natural beauties of Köprülü Kanyon, one of the most beautiful bridges in Antalya, Jeep safari and rafting. * When you reach our facility in Karabük village to participate in Canyon Jeep activity, you will meet our professional guides and hospitable team.
* After a brief introduction meeting and presentation that introduces the region and the park, the rules to follow during the tour, and the first aid items that may be required, you can go on a jeep safari tour with the exciting and adventurous ride from the station with the fully equipped Jeeps used by our professional and field-experienced chauffeurs.
* We follow the pine-scented forest path along the Jeep safari park, discovering the antique remains, small village houses and impressive views of nature one by one.

* If you take your foto machine or video camera that will be good for you.Because some place the tour will stop for making a foto for you.You will see wonderful place in the Canyon

* Lunch will be at the end of the tour.While eating lunch you will watch your tour and if you like you can buy your Jeep Safari DVD. 

GROUP NUMBER: Minimum 10, Maximum 300 pax

IDENTITY PARTICIPATED: 6 year old who has no complaints in big back and neck region, asthma, heart, respiratory failure and not pregnant

BRING WITH: Spare clothes, towels, sunscreen cream, personal medicines, eyeglass rope for spectacles, money for personal expenses,foto machine or video camera

PRICE INCLUDED: 10 person row rover defender landing with driver jeeps, jeep safari, canyon navigation,open buffet lunch, guiding service and insurance                  

PRICE EXCEPTION: All alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, photo dvd, transfer + TAX MENU: Chicken, rice, pasta and salad varieties  



* How about discovering a hard-to-reach nature piece in the heart of the Taurus with a full-eyed tour?

* Enjoy your freedom with land motorcycles that will keep your feet on the ground and add excitement to your journey.

* You are transported to Aktiv Rafting meeting point in Gebiz region with transfer vehicles.Our facilities meet you with our guides and a hospitable team.

*After a short meeting and briefing session on the rules to be followed during the tour, you are attending a 10-15 minute motorcycle training in a special track for the test drive.

* Once you have successfully completed your test drive, you can begin to spend an unforgettable day on your motorbike.

* If you can not succeed in a test drive, do not worry, you can safely complete the tour with an experienced guide.

* Quad Safari is not a serious physical condition and anyone over 8 years old can participate. There is an 18 age limit for motorcycle use.

* Starting right after the trial drive, the company is made into a convoy under the guidance of our guides and technical team.

* During your journey, you will be able to enjoy the excitement of offroad excitement by leaving the potholes and water accumulations behind you in the forest, and live happily together with your friends for the extraordinary offroad adventure.


GROUP REGISTRATION: Minimum 10,maximum 30 pax  

IDENTITY PARTICIPATED: Asthma, heart, respiratory insufficiency and non-pregnant women who are not suffering from back and neck region over 7 years    

BRING WITH:Spare clothes, towels, sunscreen cream, personal medicines, eyeglass rope for spectacles, money for personal expenses    

PRICE INCLUDED: Offroad ATV driving pleasure, 150 cc kymco ATV motors, engine helmets, guidance and insurance

PRICE EXCLUSIVE: All alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, catering service, photo dvd copy, transfer + tax


* There is no age limit for a fish tour. There is no risk with your child that you can join with your child.

* The package includes a Jeep Safari and a rafting tour. After completing these tours, you can join as an individual on request.

* If you like, you can grab your own fish and eat it as lunch. * You may also have the chance to take advantage of this event free of charge if you purchase a tour as a stay in the pansion.

* Get rid of the stress of a tiring day fishing is the best activity.

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